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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Taiwan Adventure

Day 1

Thursday, October 20, 2005

2nd Anniversary

Today is our 2nd Anninversary actually plan to go out but in e end Roy have to help out at my mum stall. Cos my dad sick.... "Sob Sob" Maybe have to plan everything again Sian....

Friday, September 02, 2005

Saturday, November 27, 2004

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Me @ e Hotel Room Posted by Hello

Me & Dear Posted by Hello


Trip to Genting Highlands

Me, Dear & his parent we went to GENTING HIGHLANDS on 21st nov 2004. We leave Golden Mile Complex 7am and reach Tuas Costoms around 7 plus to 8. After Tuas we head toward Malaysia Costoms, A 7 hours ++ trip, between the time we had a few stops for us to ate our breakfast at around 10 plus & some stops for us to "Pee". On the bus we had nothing to do so we sleep & sleep & sleep... HAHAHA!!!! FINALLY we reach GENTING HIGHLANDS, the 1st thing we do is to check-in haha cos FIRST WORLD HOTEL Lobby there are so many ppl waiting thier turn to check-in why cos u need to take number to check-in... ME & DEAR room number is 20 708 his parent room is just beside us room number 20709. After that we went to find food cos i was so hungry cos i din eat anything in e morning after ours meal we walk around shopping shopping the weather there was COOOOOOL...... 22nd nov 2004 early in the morning 8am we went to Tropical Cafe to had ours breakfast. After breakfast we went back to our hotel rooms y cos dear dear to "POO POO" heeheeheez..... After that we bought our tickets we went in without his parent his parent went to casino later we meet his parent for lunch around 1 plus after we continue. Dinner time we went to the foodcourt to eat later we went back to our hotel room to take a bathe around 9 plus 4 of us we went to casino hahaha is it find it weird y i can go in cos i look like 21 hahahaha... His parent took us around to see what casino have WOW inside alot of things to play but in e end we played horse racing it's fun lah but play too long will sian they played until 3am ++ and i getting very tired so they decided to go back but they feel hungry hmmm me 2 so went to had some mee.....23rd nov 2004 we wake-up at round 10 plus why cos very tired cant wake-up in e morning to had breakfast so we decided to sleep until 10+. We had ours lunch at AH YAT great man 1st time eat "abalone" at AH YAT lah haha after that nothing to do le so we went shopping & shopping & shopping but it's really fun there..... 24th nov 2004 we left half a day cos we are going back to SIN at this afternoon 3pm same we wake-up at around 10 plus pack our thing we went down to the lobby to check-out, we put our bags at e bell counter and we went to genting hotel to had our lunch after lunch we went out to take photo walk here and there what a great place. 2 + went to e bell counter to take our bogs and get ready to board the bus and WAY BACK TO SINGAPORE....

Monday, November 08, 2004


Fuck man, this evening i was lying on the bed then i fall asleep... Chee bye roy scold me y cos his parent scold him bcos i sleep, he told me in this house nobody sleeps in e evening waokao at my own house i want to sleep at what time is my own business who care's. Now i get scolded by him... And he can sleep at my house in e evening and nobody will scold him, cos if u tired go sleep lor why must we stop him see is it fair i feel so funny HAHAHAHA....



Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Rainny dayz

Today wake-up at 11 plus heehee called waiyi. Later waiyi come my house... again we chat, watch tv, eat & play wif my dog. 4 plus le i'm going out soon to dear house cos he say he miss me :) then now watch tv lor ok lah now nothing to write le so have to go '881'

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Fine Day

Today is a "Fine" day... waiyi came to my home around 2 plus, later we chat cum play wif my dogs until around 4 plus cos i had to wait for my mum to come back then i can take same $$$ so that i can go out and buy dog's dry food, cos finish le haha... Bought back le pour out and give them eat WOW they like it good... 6 plus we meet ya chuan at 925 to buy same wings WOW something happen but it's their problem so cant say much heeheez.... Reach home le YEAH start's to eat le WHAT a good food sia but bad for dear y cos he cant eat waht a good feast then later yi & chuan left around 10 plus we went down to find cat cos waiyi wants to feed the cat but weird y cos when we want to feed e cat but no cat's there so we found a place put e cat food there and we when back home cos yi say the cat will smell the food and go by it self.... ok that all for today '881'

Monday Bluez

Today is Monday. It is a day whereby everybody feel down..... Hahaha to me everyday is holiday..... Today bought a SONY ERICSSON K700i. Wow COOL man.... New phone good mood... ok lah going to rest le '881'